Saturday, November 15, 2008


Good Morning!
This is how our day begins...bright and early! Our dog, Piper had a toe removed a week ago. She is doing just fine, however , it is just like having a child in the home once again. She has the cone and bandaged foot during the day, everything off while we are here. Have to wrap the foot in an IV bag to go outside! It is the rain and snow season...yuck. Piper's tumor that was removed was tested and is not malignent. Besides that, we are all just fine. Lauren's beau Jeff got a real nice six point buck yesterday. She is experiencing her first "gut and dress" this weekend ! Not really like the prom theme!! John is doing well. Off to Vegas for trade shows in a few weeks. Me, just jammin! Let us know if you want anything. Thanks for the pic's Laurie. Glad to here you are on the roster again to hit the slopes! Good job Lindsay! The clan keeps growing and growing. Will post/talk soon, love to all,
Angela, John, Lauren, Fatty-oh,and Girley :>)


Liz said...

i want some jam, i want some venison, i want a cheeseburger. when i figure out how to post a blog i will gladly update from liz and randy world. enjoy the snow. love randy

Angela McDonald said...

"you will have nothing and like it...Spaulding! Will talk soon. Love me!