Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry New Year!

Happy Holidays all! And a Happy & Healthy New Year! It's been a while since our last post but we've been busy.

I got a job at the Orleans Yacht Club beating out over 70 other candidates for the position; I'm their Club Administrator which, as the only paid employee, means that I pretty much do everything from the books to membership. The last few days were spent organizing and cleaning up the filing cabinets (be still my Virgo heart) and getting the place in shape for the upcoming season. As they put it, the OYC is a drinking club with a sailing problem. And they do LOVE to sail. My "corner office with a view" does indeed look out over Town Cove which is the body of water that runs parallel to Route 28 in Orleans. So far I love it. The people are really nice, and, if you can imagine, are great to work with. The majority of them are retired and do what they do because they WANT to be there. Imagine no one saying "I hate my job" or "I want a raise" or any of the other usual workplace complaints. It sure does make for a productive and extrememly pleasant environment. I get to play my iPod and they don't seem to mind that 80's are blaring.

Randy has been working with Liam and are getting ready to go to Patrick's house to do some custom work for them. His music career is moving along nicely too. Santa brought him some music lessons and some rock & roll shirts and he's been getting on stage quite regularly with different local musicians. And loving it. Who knew he was a rock star??? He's working on some new material as he has been ok'd to get a new guitar (a Gretsch) if he learns and knows 50 songs well enough to play on stage.

In public.

I'm so unreasonable I know.

We had a great time with Ned & Laurie when we were in CO a couple of weeks ago and got to hang out some with Ned's son Brent who we hadn't seen since their wedding. Kim looks great and was super excited to graduate and get on with life. Mike & Tiff have a VERY cute and good natured little girl that we got to visit with too. She likes ice cream cake so we know she's one of the family for sure. Laurie - I made your salsa and Randy says that it's almost there...

Randy has been busy doing other things too:

Yes folks, that is "Uncle Randy" behind the white beard. We'd been invited to some friends' house for a little Xmas Eve cheer (lots of cheer as this was a Beachcomber family party) and the hostess called in a panic as her Santa had just canceled and would Randy be interested in the job? The good sport that he is, he agreed and voila!

The two kids in the bottom photo belong to our good friends/landlords Chris & Susan. Lucy knew her Uncle Randy was Santa, but when he showed up in costume, she was not quite so sure. She's 6. Her brother Simon, 3, is convinced that Santa's reindeer will eat him on Xmas Eve. He survived I am happy to report.

We spent Xmas at our friend Val's house with some of her wacky family and enjoyed the holiday spirit. Lots of holiday spirit. The food was excellent as she is a great cook and the company was lots of fun. The rest of the weekend has been low key and we're back to work tomorrow and off to my Dad's house in MD for a few days.

Love to all!
Liz & Randy

Friday, December 19, 2008

Montana checkin in

Hello everyone!
Holy below zero...has been for weeks here. We are working on staying warm.
Highs this weekend are -20! I know the East Coast has been getting pounded as well. Geez! Love to all.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello Everyone,

Well, I am slowly trying to master this two child thing. They don't warn you how hard it is to have three crying people in one room, Jesse is going nuts!. THings went well with the birth and now Dean is one month old, I can't believe it. He is giving me a run for my money, he is already 10 lbs. 6oz. and has decided to be a night owl. Well, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is doing well. Love Lindsay