Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hello All

I've been meaning to do this for weeks. Ned and I settled in with a glass of wine, some cheese and crackers, and football on TV, so it seems like a good time to catch up. It's been beautiful in Colorado, no real consistent cold weather yet. We planted daffodil bulbs last weekend and tried to get a few more shrubs in the ground this weekend before it freezes.

Congratulations to Lindsay and Jesse! We can't wait to see pictures of Dean. Sounds like he's a big boy. Tiffany and I, and Tiffany's mom Donna, took Kamryn to get pictures taken yesterday. She was a little cranky and not many smiles, but that didn't stop me from ordering a butt load of pictures. She is a cutie!

Here's a quick catch up of what's happening in our family: Brent and Caroline are engaged (you can google her by searching for Caroline Brady at KAKE, her TV station), not sure when the wedding will be. They won't be here for Thanksgiving, but will visit for Christmas before Brent leaves for Japan in Jan. Shaun and his Tiffany will most likely be engaged before Thanksgiving. She is moving to Oklahoma to live with him sometime around Thanksgiving. Meagan is getting all A's in college - her last semester of her AA degree. Not sure when we'll see her again. Kim is finishing her last semester, graduates 19 Dec. Mike, Tiff and Kamryn are all doing well. Ned and I are fine. My knee has been declared done with physical therapy, so technically I'm ready for ski season. Ned is doing some travel, but not unreasonable. We're both taking some time off for Turkey Day week - Dad and Ona are coming out for the week.

Here's a recent picture of Kamryn, and a photo during a Sunday dinner a few weeks ago. The people you probably don't recognize are Ned's sister Debbie, and Shaun's girlfriend Tiffany (wearing white shirt). Brent is the other handsome guy standing behind Mike.

Signing off for now, will be back on soon. Love you all! Laurie

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